Bought more PLTR

My confidence in this company to supply our government as well as other publicly traded companies in the future is only growing higher and higher every day. Not to mention the CEO is about as confident as they come in his long strategy. Almost argoently telling CNBC this week that he doesn't care if you want to invest in them now or not..."there are many other great companies out there if you don't like us". Statements likes these to me show confidence, and direction with or without the support of WALL STREET.


PLTR is a stock I plan to own for 15 to 20 years. Very similar to a company like Boeing in the 80s/90s which whittled their way into the US government and ended up eventually providing high-quality services to major US companies over the years.

This morning I added them to my Roth IRA account. Which is a bold statement for me as that money is already pre taxed and I certainly never want to take a hit on it. Looking forward to seeing this one grow over the decades.

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