How's my account looking today!

Greetings everyone, I wanted to throw up a quick screen shot of one of my personal account this afternoon so you can start to become familiar with what I'm currently invested in, and more importantly what price points im most looking forward to buying more stocks in when the right time comes!

TTCF Below $22

In my opinion this company will be changing the game entirely on plant based home cooked meals for the next decade. Their branding is 100% onpoint and most importantly their CEO is a beast!

DBX Below $22

This company is a sleeping giant, they have been battling the biggest names in the world for a decade (GOOGLE, AMAZON, MICROSOFT) and winning in the business storage space. Now... they're investing heavily in remote work from home services like "Teams" where you can efficiently collaborate with your colleagues on the documents and digital assets needing to be worked on. In short, there books are incredible, they're withstood the test of time against heavy pressure, and are primed and ready to use COVID as a spring board for their service offerings.

WBA Below $45

Walgreens runs a tight ship, they're books are stacked to survive 2 more harsh COVID winters but most importantly they're primed and ready to be the main distribution hub of our vaccine rollout.

Have a great day, and don't forget to research for yourselves and let me know what you think!

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