Making Moves

Using this time being locked up in the freezing cold winter of Texas to find some good buying opportunities. Check out the screen shots below. As always, let me know what you think!

Lets talk strategy..

GGTTF - Marijuana play based out of Canada, not tossing a ton of money into this one...However, Their books are amazing, their 5 year growth strategy is well above average and lets be honest, MJ is going to be legal faster than we know it.

WBA - Walgreens I've gone into this many times. They're COVID ready to give out millions of vaccines, have a war chest of money to gown like a beast during the deployment, and have one heck of a NEW CEO!

AMC - This one is personal, I care about the film industry. It's been obvious to me over the pandemic that although streaming is incredible.. no one wants to watch HUGE blockbuster movies at home. Also, there is a big possibility that Amazon could buy AMC later on down the road. Sure this stock is beatin down hard, and also got caught up in the Redit hype for a few days. However, now that it is back down in the reality zone I truly feel over the next 5 years it has the chance to easily grow 3X all things considered.

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