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Hello friends and family, I've been doing a lot of thinking as I embark on another year spinning around the sun and wanted to open up about the long term future of this site and its content.

I originally started charging access to my investment moves as a blog so I could safely cash flow the website and URL renewal every year. I'm blessed to say that after one full year I have had an overwhelming amount of support and will no longer be charging for my transactions. I'm so thankful for the many that believe in my long term investing strategy and even more look forward to watching your grow over the coming decades.

Keep investing, (don't sell unless you're tax harvesting) and believe in your long term future!

Good buys right now.. PLTR - TSLA - TTCF

See you in 2022!

(for a bonus) check out my personal account investments vs returns over the last 5 years quarter by quarter...PROOF keep putting money in, leave it alone, and keep putting money in!

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