RED DAY - Finally Buying!

Good morning friends, as we talked about over the last few weeks here is our big instability in the market! Did you mentally prepare? Did you save for this huge moment?

I HOPE SO!!!! I've been buying like crazy this AM, the moment is finally here. This is. what I've been trying to teach you.

Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.

My moves...


TSLA - $31,410, anything under $560 is stealing money over the next 5 years. Easy 3 X in my opinion.

COIN in my private account - $17,425

Crypto - ETH - $5000 between midnight last night and this morning at 9AM.

Thanks for turning in! Message me below if you have any questions.

Current look at my personal account below. If its down overall for me that means I just kind of started buying (likely within the year) this mean i'll likely be buying it ALOT during red days.

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