Today I did something I rarely do, sold shares! Its not for reasons you might expect though...

I’ve been sitting on WYNN for a little over a year now. They were hit incredibly hard back when the pandemic came on strong and I took great advantage of the opportunity and made well over 90% in these last few months. I’ve always been a huge supporter of their casinos, however with the companies that I’ve been discovering over the last few months I feel like the ROI I’ll be expecting on things like (TTCF, BYND, GGTTF and VYGVF) will far out weigh the likelihood of WYNN 2Xing at most over the next 5yrs.

Same goes for SWITCH - Great company, ran by great people, however I think given the territory of data storage I would much rather be diversified in something like DBX of the next 5yrs.

Check it out! You wont see this from me often...

I bought a litle TTCF with some of the change, but for the most part I held onto my earning and will deploy slowly during moments of weakness the next few weeks.

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